IN SHOP: Prosthetics design, production and application: Latex, Silicone and Polyfoam. Life Casting, Puppet and Body Building, Mold making, and airbrush paint. Clay Sculpt using Chavant, Wed and Sculpy.  Casting: Silicone, Plaster, resins, foam latex, and gelatin

ON SET: Makeup Artist and Puppet wrangler. Strong with Fantasy/character make-up and prosthetics, Gore and Blood FX, appliance wounds/transfers.


False Memory Syndrome (2015) : Key Makeup Artist

Night of the Creature (2014): Key Special effects MAkeup artistBundle of Nerves (2014): Creature build /Special Effects makeup/ Key Makeup artist

The Mill at Calders End: (2014) :Set Dresser

Comedy Central "The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail" (2014)- set dressing , Character Bust Sculpter and painting

"The Legend Of BeastLord" short (2014)- Character make-up/Beard laying/Prosthetics

Amry Moulage On Location (summer July/August/September 2014)- Casualty make-up

ALMA (2014)- special effects makeup

HOT (2014)- assistant make-up, body fabrication/airbrush painting, blood rig

Curve (2014)- special effects

Wizard Of OZ (Beverly Hills High 2014)- Lead Character makeups

Cinefamily Telathon (2013) - Custom mask fabrication for Eric Wareheim

Boardwalk Empires Richard Harrow:Murder for Hire (FunnyOrDie skit) 2013                                             Lead Charcter make-up and out of kit character make-ups

Franz Ferdinand “Evil Eye” music video (2013) - special effect /prosthetic make-up artist

Zombie Ate My Neighbors (2013) -Made custom foam and gelatin Prosthetics

NerdTerns/Nerdist Youtube Channel (NERDIST ) (2013)- SPFX Zombie Make-up Application

MeltDown Comics promotional make-up(2013) - silicone wounds and trauma make-up

WIKIPAD & DEADTRIGGER promotion(2013) -  custom built prosthetics, live MU application

San Antonio tourist bureau (2013) - Dia de los muertos make-up

”ADJUST” Girl In A Coma Music Video (2013) - Full creature design WereWolf / Facial Prosthetic and Chest piece custom made and applied/ Fake Foam Raw Meat fabricated in Shop

The Fetish Set (2013) - Created Silicone Pregnant belly/trauma makeup/severed body parts/Foam latex Pigeon Chest in Shop.  On set technitian and makeup artist

Closer to the Bottom (2013) - Trauma Wounds

Remake (2013) - War Paint /blood rig/ Prop and weapons Building

Stage V(2015) - Distressed make-up and Built Corpse Puppet

Creep Street Clothing “HIT & RUN” (music video) (writer/director/make-up) (2013)                           -Slit throat, blood rigs, gun blast to head rig

Cake Shop (commercial 2012) -Beauty make-up and Old Age Make-up

Pinata Protest album cover (2012) -Bruising and trauma make-up

Body Paint for “DJ Blondie” aka Catharina Hodel (Playboy) (2012)                                               -   Winter inspired Body Paint (latex and airbrush)

Blood Cousins (2012) - Built collapsible Knife/ custom exposed skull head wound/gun shoot blood rig and stab wound

Resident Evil :Retribution  promotional make-up for FOX News (2012)                                                        Out of kit Zombie makeup on the set

Call of Duty:Black Ops2 Promotional live make-up (2012)                                                                                       Full prosthetics zombie make up applications

Mom-Bot(2012) - Mannequin likeness Make-up: Silicone noses and lips props

The Interval (2012) - AIDs patient breakdown make-up

The Symphony of Silence (2012) - Bruised injury make-up

Arose the Coward (2012) - In shop Build of Severed head/Old Age Make-up/body               double/SledgeHammer foam

San Antonio Magazine “Zombie Response Team” (2012) - Zombie Makeups                                                                                  -custom Foam Prosthetics made in shop.Custom sculpt,mold and casting.

The Current Magazine cover work (2012) - Post-Apocalypse make-up/Beauty make-up/ scars and wounds/Costume

The Current magazine  cover work(2011)Distressed Lumberjack transformation Make-up

”Lets Start A Cult” Sohns Video (2011) -Custom zombie prosthetics/ Zombie Survivor make-up/Writer/Director

In Your Arms (2011) - Beauty make-up/ knife and bullet wounds, blood rig

BackBeat Magazine cover(band: Girl In A Coma) (2011) - Zombie make-up/ Beauty make-up

The Living Deaf (2009) - Zombie makeup

A hard Days Bite (2010) - Hero Zombie, Custom prosthetics, Bite wounds and Sickly Make-up ,built in shop.

The PowderKids (2010) - Overdose Make-up/ Bruises and Trauma Make-up

House of the Demon (2007) - zombie/undead Make-up

Fighting With Anger (2007) - Make-up assistant, make-up for Willie Nelson

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure in San Antonio Tx /2003-2006 - Make-up department and actor/ Shop Fabrication and painter.